Ground To Plate
An Organic Adventure

The Garden - Year 2012... Click on any image below for a larger view
Corn And No Corn...

This year, instead of starting and keeping seeds indoors until the weather got warm (I of course started the seeds indoors), I put together a “mini hot house” Hot House Complete complete with solar heating water filled milk gallons.

I also formalized the area in front of the far (south) side of the fence with the extra cinder blocks I dismantled from the center plots at the end of last year. I then extended the main garden with the excess blocks as well. So at this time I have a combined area of about 30’ x 25’ or 750 sq ft of planting space.

Also during the previous fall/winter, I went around the neighborhood to collect bags of leaves that people collected from their property and left out to be picked Initial Frame Work 04 up. You’ll see bags of these in one corner of the yard. The plan is to use this for mulch and later on integrate it into the soil to fortify it. I also bought and applied bags of peat moss to add organic matter to the soil.

You’ll see an entire section (plot) dedicated to garlic. I had at least 2 varieties, one of which was elephant garlic (the thicker, greener looking in the rear of patch). This year was my first attempt at growing 4 varieties of potatoes as well as sweet potatoes.

Of note I still mark off the plots in 4’ segments and I measured a 1’ path in between each plot. Each area is designated by a letter of the alphabet. When I Garlic Patch plant something I record it on a piece of paper which contains the date and the letter designation of the plot in which I did the planting. Btw… The 1’ path actually is too restrictive. Unfortunately I kept doing it that way till the current year.

There’s not much else to tell about the garden except that my potatoes and beets garnered me a homemade strawberry pie from a very Lovely Lady. That was the biggest pie I had ever seen. It was soooo sweet and delicious looking that I got a sugar attack just looking at it! If nothing else, this is the kind of stuff that makes gardening worthwhile!

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